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During the last 25 years we have installed thousands of oil tanks with some of those installations proving to be quite challenging, but we have always found a solution to those challenges.

The key to our success has always been to use the best available products on the market, and to install them according to the manufacturers instructions so that they perform as expected.


Kingspan Titan ES1225
The Kingspan Titan ES1225 is without question the most popular plastic bunded oil tank sold in the UK.

Plastic oil tanks are normally placed at ground level but in this situation we needed to raise the height of the tank a few inches to provide enough oil pressure to the boiler. The location for the new tank was chosen by the customer and approved by us as meeting all of the relevant OFTEC regulations. A new oil line was also installed as part of this installation. As part of our free site survey we will advise you if the tank needs to be raised like this, and whether you should consider having a new oil line installed as part of the work.


Kingspan Titan ESLP1200
The Kingspan Titan ESLP1200 is a plastic bunded tank with a lower height than other tanks of a similar capacity. It is ideal for use where tanks with a higher profile might block views from windows, or where the tank needs to be installed at the front of a property. We installed this tank for Mid Suffolk District Council to replace an ageing single skin plastic tank with a subsiding base.

ESLP1200 installed on a paving flag base
ES1225 raised 1 block high